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Singapore NLP Training

Our Mission is to provide our Singapore NLP Training students with the skills to create desired and ecological changes and improve the results of their clients. Our Singapore NLP training teaches powerful techniques for individuals and organizations to achieve desired changes in their behaviors. The Singapore NLP training has a focus on teaching individuals how to coach clients to optimize their abilities and outcomes. Understanding NLP and NLP communication skills are vital for therapy, coaching, education, business, and individuals.


If you are interested in learning more about our Singapore NLP training or if you are engaged in a personal quest of your state of being and perhaps changing some habit or improving some skill, you may find our Singapore NLP training to be a worthwhile experience.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model from cognitive and behavioral psychology which was created in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who began modeling and duplicating the "magical results" of a few top communicators and therapists. Among the first successful communicators to be studied included hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, family therapist Virginia Satir, and anthropologist Gregory Bateson. Our Singapore NLP Training explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programs). It is both an epistemology, in that it studies how we know what we know and a methodology for creating practical descriptions of how we function as human beings. The purpose of our Singapore NLP Training is to study, describe and transfer models of human excellence. (Modelling). NLP recognizes that another person's behavior can be duplicated by studying what that person does inside their head (language, filters, programs, etc.) to produce results. NLP is using the language of the mind to consistently achieve our desired and specific outcomes. NLP Training is widely used in business to improve management, sales and achievement/performance, inter-personal skills; in education to better understand learning styles, develop rapport with students and parents and to aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools for personal development.

Benefits of NLP to Individuals:

Benefits of NLP to Organizations:

Singapore NLP Training (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

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NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, & Time Line Therapy™ Training:
June 28-30, July 20-21, July 27-28
Houston, TX Summer 2013

Four Points by Sheraton
8720 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77017
(713) 948-0800

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most advanced technologies today for creating human change both in individuals and groups for Business, Education, Coaching, and Therapy. NLP is the most practical, results oriented technology of detecting, understanding and getting in control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. We will show you how to use this technology with yourself and others -- individually, as a therapist, and as a coach.

"NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems."
-- Psychology Today

". . . real estate brokers and salespeople use Neuro-Linguistics to enhance their communication skills and provide them with more choices when working in a difficult situation. . . it shows how we make sense of the world around us and communicate."
-- Real Estate Today

"NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the 1960s."
-- Science Digest

"(NLP) does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena. . . Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know. ."
-- Training and Development Journal

"NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems and is becoming an all purpose self improvement program and technology."
-- Time Magazine

NLP Practitioner Training

Certification Requirements of the American Board of NLP:

A. Duration of Training: Minimum of 120 hours of training in the basics of NLP patterns taught by a Certified Trainer, or a certified Master Practitioner under the supervision of a trainer.

B. Demonstration of ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP and to utilize them competently with self and with others.

1.Behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP, including:
a. Outcome orientation with respect for others’ models of the world and the ecology of the system.
b. Distinction between map and territory.
c. There is only feedback (cybernetic)-no failure.
d. Meaning of your communication is the response you get.
e. Adaptive intent of all behavior.
f. Everyone has the necessary resources to succeed.
g. Resistance is a signal of insufficient pacing.
h. Law of requisite variety.

2. Rapport, establishment and maintenance of.

3. Pacing and Leading (verbal and non verbal).

4. Calibration (sensory based experience).

5. Representational systems (predicates, and accessing cues).

6. Meta-Model.

7. Milton-Model.

8. Elicitation of well-formed, ecological outcomes
and structures of present state.

9. Overlap and Translation.

10. Metaphor creation.

11. Frames; contrast, relevancy, As If, Backtrack.

12. Anchoring (VAK).

13. Anchoring Techniques (contextualized to the field of application).

14. Ability to shift consciousness to external or internal, as required by the moment's task.

15. Dissociation and Association.

16. Chunking.

17. SubModalities.

18. Verbal and non-verbal elicitation of responses.

19. Accessing and building of resources.

20. Reframing.

21. Strategies; detection, elicitation, utilization, & installation.

22. Demonstration of behavioral flexibility.

During the NLP Practitioner Training you will learn:

The Foundation of NLP – basic assumptions from where we start.

Rapport – how we create immediate affinity and agreement.

Representational Systems – how our 5 senses interact with our mind to create our internall concept of the outside world.

Submodalities – the fundamental language of the mind that determines the way we store thoughts and ideas. Changing submodalities allows us to change what a thought means and this changes our feelings about those things.

Anchoring – discover how to control your mind and your internal emotional state.

Strategies - discover how sequences of thoughts create specific outcomes.

NLP Applications include:

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Best Value

Enroll in Hypnosis I-III and NLP Practitoner together
NOW for just $2,765.00

(*Financing available pay $700 down and then just $189 a month-call for details)

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NLP Practitioner Certification | Singapore NLP Training:
Regularly $3,125 Early Web Enrollment Bonus Price $2370

(*Financing available pay $500 down and then just $156 a month-call for details)

Training price includes:

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Level I Basic Singapore Hypnosis Training:
(20 CEU's, includes 3 hours ethics)
Regularly $562.50
Early Web Enrollment Bonus Price $455
(Certification through the American Board of Hypnotherapy)

Level II Advanced Singapore Hypnosis Training:
(16 CEU's, includes 1.5 hours ethics)

Regularly $437.50 Early Web Enrollment Bonus Price $335

Level III Ericksonian Singapore Hypnosis Training:
(16 CEU's, includes 1.5 hours ethics)

Regularly $437.50 Early Web Enrollment Bonus Price $335

Training price includes:

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